Picks of the precinct: after work eats and drinks

It’s been a long, paperwork filled day, and at 5pm the thirst is real, but not real enough to head to somewhere dim and dingy that’s more suited to 2am. No, what you need is to sit back and chillll, man. You need to unbutton your jacket and enjoy some good drinks and casual, but delectable, eats, no tie, or even a knife and fork, necessary. Lucky for you, we’ve put together a list of spots that will provide you with just that, no matter which side of town you’re on.


Rush CBD | 300 Queen Street, CBD

With a full week of offers to beat those post-work blues at Rush, you won’t be rushing home when the clock strikes five. Instead you’ll be strolling into Post Office Square for $10 eats like Meatball Mondays, Tapas Tuesdays, Pizza Wednesdays, and Jam Jar Thursdays (cocktails, anyone?). On Fridays, just relax and treat yourself to cheeky drinks specials during Rush Hour.

Artisan’s Café | QUT Gardens Point

So what if it’s been lectures and essay writing instead of emails and meetings – that thirst is still real and your cramped writing hands probably can’t hold a fork to save your life. Never fear, just stop by Artisans Café for spicy mince nachos or a pizza and wash it down with a wine or two.

Buffalo Bar | 169 Mary Street, CBD

Those cowboy boots everyone had an embarrassing chain email going about will fit right in at Buffalo Bar, where the only thing more American than the hoagies, jalepeno poppers and wings are the craft beers and whiskeys. Got a few hangry souls with you? Grab an epic plate of wings to share!

Super Whatnot | 48 Burnett Lane, CBD

Keep Super Whatnot to yourself, because this super cozy laneway bar is made for those nights when just want to hide away with few craft beers or one-of-a-kind cocktails with your bestie. And to share one of their epic nachos, of course.


after work brisbane city dinners gerards barGerard’s Bar | 23 James Street, Fortitude Valley

Gerard’s 14 metre long bar will drown any lingering woes about accounting problems. They’re famed for their charcuterie and wine, but can also satisfy your craving for burgers and beers.

Dutch Courage | 51 Alfred Street, Fortitude Valley

Dutch Courage serves up exotic dishes inspired by the British Empire’s ventures on the high seas. Soft shell crab and prawns, pork belly bites and sweet potato yellow curry will stave off hunger, while three pages of gin might just put a damper on tomorrow’s productivity.

Farrier | 164 Arthur Street

Even if you’re stuck at work until post-10pm on a Monday, new supper club, Farrier, is there for you, with eats and drinks available until 2am every night. 2am! Hunger pains won’t keep you from sleep after BBQ pork steamed bun, lamb ribs and deep fried ice cream.


Hoo Ha Bar | 41 Tribune Street

If you’ve been on your feet all day and are just ready to pig out, tuck into Hoo Ha’s Pig City, an epic board of slow-cooked pork belly, crisp pancetta, fried chorizo, sriracha mayo, mango chutney and flat bread. You might not even have room left for a beer.

Hop and Pickle | Little Stanley Street

If it’s a gourmet pub feed you’re after, you’ll find it at Hop and Pickle, where gastropub feeds include spicy deep fried pickles and ham hock croquettes. Then you can work your way through their cocktail list –  if you dare.

The Charming Squire | 3/133 Grey Street

You might just make the most important decision of your day at The Charming Squire: To share or not to share? It will definitely take some consideration with plates like mini lamb doner kebabs and crispy smoked duck, but a few brews or ciders should make things easier.

So what if it’s only Tuesday, right?

Words by Rebecca Grady


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