The roast: Where to find a Sunday roast in Brisbane

While we’ve all been scarred by THAT ‘roast,’ you know, the one where down-trodden celebrities submit to humiliation so the world will stop making fun of them (how does that work, exactly?), for us, the word roast still conjures up the perfect Sunday winter feed. The mouth watering aroma of meat roasting away in the oven, the crunch of that perfectly par-boiled and oven crisped potato, and the totally legitimate feeling of completeness you feel as you see gravy flow out of the gravy boat and onto your plate. Oh baby, baby, baby.

But since hangovers meal prep probably steal your Sundays these days, we’ve put together a list of as-good-as-mum’s Sunday roasts around Brisbane, for your dining pleasure.

The Fox Hotel | South Bank

Getting to feast on choice cuts of meat without having to fight off Dad, Grandad and every Tom, Dick and Harry in between? Totally worth the $20 you’ll pay for a Sunday roast at The Fox! Not to mention the decadent sides (no brussel sprouts, promise).

Hatch & Co. | Newstead

The only thing that could make a Sunday roast that you don’t have to cook even better is a glass of wine and a post-dinner dessert, which is just what you’ll get at Hatch & Co. every Sunday evening. A different roast with all the trimmings each week is only $25. Did we mention you get dessert?

Lennons Restaurant and Bar | CBD

If you thought Mum’s roast dinners were a feast, wait until you get a load of Lennons’ three course Sunday roast! For $49pp, start with an entrée like smoked eggplant with oregano and garlic flat bread, move on to your choice of pork, chicken, cod or rib of beef, pair it with mac ‘n’ cheese and caramelized carrots and finish it all off with strawberry mousse and meringue.

Statler & Waldorf | Paddington

Holy  pea-sus! A big plate of mashed potato and gravy, roasted zucchini, sweet potato, and roast lamb with a side Yorkshire puddings will only set you back $15 at S&W on Sundays. Which means you’ll have plenty of dosh left over for drink or 5.

Hop & Pickle | South Bank

Roast gets fancy at this South Bank gastropub! Duck fat potatoes will quack all over your usual homemade mash, and if you’re lucky, you’ll get a serving of Yorkshire puddings along with plenty of classic sides, all for $25. It’s so good you’ll think Mum’s hiding in the kitchen.

Brewhouse | South Brisbane

If you’ve run out of cash after a big Saturday night, Brewhouse may have the answer you’ve been searching for. They’ll exchange your $16 for a drink, a delicious roasted dinner AND dessert. Sounds like a reason to ditch the family get together to us.

The only downside: No leftovers for roast beef sandwiches on Monday! But no dishes is always a win, right?

Words by Rebecca Grady


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