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On the left side of the HOME page are the articles were published during my internship at online food and lifestyle publication The Gourmand and Gourmet, while on the right side are Instagram posts which I was responsible for posting.

Currently Brisbane’s second most popular lifestyle publication (second only to the infamous Urban List), The G&G boasts over 176 932 monthly page views, 37 000 email subscribers, 15 000 Instagram followers and 13 000 Facebook followers.

Targeting their audience of university students, young professionals and mothers with small children, the organisation’s style guide aims for fun, contemporary, casual writing. Puns and jokes were encouraged, and this is evident in my pieces.

I greatly enjoyed my time at the G&G, especially in my effort to spearhead the ‘Little black book’ project, wherein our website audience could search an area, genre and budget of food, and have a list of suitable and delicious options displayed for them with easy to read summaries.

These restaurant summaries are linked within the articles available on this page, as well as on the Gourmand and Gourmet website (which you can reach by clicking here).

While some articles, like the ‘top 5 best …’ lists, are easy to read and audience friendly, my favourite articles to write were more expressive pieces, such as Flavours of Toowoomba’s Carnival of FlowersExtreme eating at Rouge Bar + Bistro, A foodie’s guide to the Ekka, How to spend 7 days at the Bulimba Festival,  and 5 things not to miss at the James Street Food and Wine Trail.

I hope that you enjoy reading these articles as much as I enjoyed writing them!


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